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ReferralWeb is a cloud-based platform that revolutionizes referrals.
By automating the referral process you make both yours and the referral's experience much more simple.

Trackable, Paperless


Businesses often don't have a system in place to track a referral's progress. If not, they are missing opportunities to create extraordinary customer loyalty. Don't worry, we've got you covered. ReferralWeb tracks your referrals from one office to the next, ensuring increased follow-through on treatment.

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HIPAA Compliant

Medical Communication.

Regular email services are not HIPAA compliant. Getting caught with any patient information in email or text messages can create fines as high as $1.5 million. ReferralWeb offers a very simple HIPAA compliant platform that is completely shaped around communication between offices about patients.

Enhance the referral experience

ReferralWeb helps eliminate referral stress that is generally a result of uncertainty. When they are responsible for contacting and informing the office they have been referred to, it is an unnecessary burden. With ReferralWeb, as their information is sent to the the referral reciever, the referral simultaneously receives a text or email with information about that referral reciever such as reviews, driving directions to warm up that referral.

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"This was great!
If for no other reason,
just so I didn't put off
getting the work done."
-Jen B.

"You guys are on top of it!"
-John H.

"This is so cool!"
-Sandra M.


from lost referrals


of referral partner relationships


through increased production


from the highest recommendations


from a seamless referral process

100% USER

Our philosophy is that if we deliver the value and benefit from our award winning software, you will make it a permanent part of your practice. If for any reason you don't feel satisfied with the results, or that we haven't simplified your referral process, we'll do everything possible to make things right, even refund your money within the first 60 days.


Using ReferralWeb is so much better than handing the patient a card and sending them on their way. It improves my communication with the specialist, and I can be sure that they are getting the patient's information Referred patients are not slipping through the cracks, but are much more likely to get the care they need."

DR. WILLIAM PLUMB Plumb Dentistry

We use ReferralWeb with all our referrals. ReferralWeb provides a smooth process to make notes and attach radiographs regarding patients. Also, our patients are impressed when they receive a text/email reply from the specialist while still in our office. The 3-way communication seems to improve referral acceptance and scheduling."


The other day I referred a patient to a pediatric dentist. When I walked back into the operatory, the patient's father had a huge smile on his face, "Doc, I just received a text from Dr. Albrect's office welcoming me to his practice. I forwarded the message to my wife, she called and they are expecting us in an hour. You guys are on top of it."

DR. ROBERT BARRICK Cedar Dental Center

ReferralWeb gives doctors the opportunity to be on the cutting edge, using a simple technology that is becoming a primary mode of how the world communicates and does business. It conveys to the patient that their doctor is at the forefront of their profession."

DR. JAMES W. SORENSON Cedar Dental Center


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